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“Disc Golf Pro’s (and no cons) on YouTube- Part 2”

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Last week we took a quick look at some top pro disc golfers through YouTube clips. It was fun to go through some of my favorite clips and point them out. Well, the more I reflected on it, the more … Continue reading


“Who’s Your Favorite Professional Touring Disc Golfer?” By: Jaxon Sheehy

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The better I get at disc golf, the less I actually respect the top pros. I mean, I can throw my Katana almost 250 feet!  Of course, in saying that, I’m being as sarcastic as humanly possible. I just like … Continue reading


“Old Sweatshirts, First Dogs, and Home Courses” By: Erik Johnson

Starring Lake Disc Golf Course- Eden Prairie, MN My home course is like an old pair of shoes, or that sweatshirt I have had since high school: it’s old, not fancy, not well known, but good golly its darn near … Continue reading