“The Latitude 64 Pro Bag Review” By: Billy Bags

The ‘Pro Bag’ by the European company Latitude 64, has been ruggedly carrying my plastic for nine full months now. When the bag was first released, it did not have the option of shipping with shoulder straps- so my current set up is with a set of gel-strap shoulder straps I found online for $25.00 (originally marketed for tool belts). However, now Latitude 64 does sell shoulder straps. In either case, the bag has clips hooks for both types of straps.

The first standout feature of this bag isn’t a secret pocket, or an extra large disc area with special dividers (though it DOES ship with Velcro dividers!)- it is simply: durability. This sucker is durable. The stitching is hardcore, the zippers are huge, and the fabric is as thick as you would ever want it. When I priced out the popular bags last fall, I avoided all the newest “crazy” bags that cost over $200.00. This was to be my first actual disc golf bag and I did not need to break the bank. With a price tag of $89.00, it was equal to, or a little less than the other bags I compared it to. I didn’t want a mini-bag that would leave me limited for space, so I focused on full sized traditional style bags. Essentially, when it came time to make a decision I veered to the Lat64 bag because I already knew their discs were high quality, and I also knew nobody else was going to be carrying one of these at my local course.

After nine full months of use, with no less than three rounds a week, I have yet to find a flaw in the construction of this bag. This doesn’t mean it couldn’t be designed slightly different here or there, but I can verify that it is strong.

As a nice bonus feature, the bottom of the bag has rubber feet that stick out about 3/4” (or 2 centimeters according to the Swedish, right?)- and help keep it out of the muck and mire of a soggy day of disc golf. All fabric will wick moisture one way or another, so this little feature makes a difference when you’re playing a wet tournament. You don’t have to dry your discs off before you throw them every time (assuming you dried them off before you put them in the bag!) and the thick padding on the bottom of the bag helps even more. I can’t say that the bag is “un-tippable” either- but judging by the bags of my friends, made by Innova and Fade, my bag tips over FAR LESS than the other similar style bags.

If you’re looking for an entry level bag, this Pro Bag by Lat 64 is MORE than enough to handle your needs. They seem to be a company intent on building quality products. However, if you’re looking for a remarkable upgrade- I’m not sure you’ll find it here. Essentially, this thing is a tank. But it’s lighter than a tank. So in conclusion, this bag would win in a fight between two bags… but it would probably win like Rocky… it would just take so many punches that it’s competition would get tired and then it would just slug that sucker right in it’s face. Boom.


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