Tournament Discs

Tournament discs are like vacation T-shirts. When you’re on vacation somewhere far away, you think “I should get a t-shirt to show I was here in: _________.” So you buy the oddly shaped, extra thick fabric “Jamaica” shirt, but when you get back to the states, you never wear it. It stays at the bottom of your drawer; never to see the light of day, until eventually you toss it in a bag for GoodWill. …at least this is what happens with me.

The same thing seems to be happening with Tournament Discs. Every time I play a tournament as an Amateur player, I get a tournament-stamped disc. They offer a few different molds each time, but I always seem to pick the one that guarantees I will never throw it. I store it in my disc pile in my den and it sits there for a super long time… making me regret my choice every time I see it.

The Champ Teebird+. I got this one home, quite proud of myself. Yet my eye kept coming back to the sticker that said “Innova Teebird+.” Yup, definitely a Teebird. Good times. But wait… this thing just doesn’t fly like a Teebird usually flies… and what does that “+” mean? Oh… it means it’s not a regular Teebird. Yay, I just grabbed an Innova experiment.

The NukeSS. This is the newest of the lot. I had never even held one before last month’s tournament. Once I saw how shiny and new it was, I had to have it. But I don’t want it. I already throw the Lat64 Bolt, and I’m trying to simplify my collection- not confuse things. I hope someone wants to trade for it…

The list goes on and on, but my frustration only grows. Perhaps from now on, if the discs offered aren’t one of my current “go to” molds, I will just grab whatever is most popular and try to trade it ASAP. I have a bad tendency to take them home, throw them a bit, get them dirty, write my name on them, and THEN (and only then) start to have the buyer’s remorse. Next year will be a new year and I shall take it by storm. All of my tournament discs will yeild amazing trades and be my favorite discs! I declare this to be true! Or something!

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