“My Personal Disc Golf Tragedy”

One time I got hit in the face by another guy’s fist while playing disc golf. It was on the 15th hole of my local course. The sun was setting, and we still had 4 holes to finish before dark. We were playing in a group of 4, and we decided to declare that it was “throw when you’re ready” rules. Up to that point we were sticking to the traditional rules, and we all threw in order of our scores on the previous hole, and then furthest away, etc… I happened to be the first up to the tee-box on hole 15, so I threw my drive. It was looking decent, but it hit a late tree about 70% down the fairway. I wanted to see where it kicked off to, so I stood at the front edge of the tee-box and stretched my neck out to see… …and when I turned around to go back to the bench: BAM! A FIST TO THE FACE!

Yep, the next person who was ready decided that I was on the way out of the tee-box, when really I was just peering off to see where I landed. He got right up and just threw full steam, and his right arm swung around on his follow-through and clocked me right on the mouth. My bottom lip was smashed into my bottom teeth. I grabbed my bag and headed back to my car. The friend who hit me in the face was simultaneously saying “Sorry!” as well as “Did you see where my shot landed!?!” …as if I cared that he parked his drive within 20 feet of the basket. I was just spitting blood onto the ground sort of half-jogging back to my car so I could get a good look in a mirror at my teeth.

In the end, no damage to my teeth. I still have a big bump in my lip where the scar is, but you can’t really see it. Probably the worst part was the scab- as it healed over the next two weeks, it always looked like I had herpes. Yep. Pretty sweet. Apparently lip scabs are typically white, in case you wondered.

So the moral of the story is: don’t rush. And don’t let your friends hit you in the face. If you HAVE to rush, make sure you’re the last one in the group to go. …and always watch out for Canadian friends who might hit you in the mouth on their follow-through.

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