Disc Golf- Share the Love!

I took a cab home from the airport last week around midnight. After flying through Atlanta, which is hands down my least favorite airport on earth, and landing at Logan, I was beat. First on my to do list wasn’t, “Chat with the cab driver,” yet after ten minutes or so I found myself explaining the wonders disc golf.

Carrying a full sized Grip EQ, stuffed to the brim with plastic is an easy conversation starter. This guy was like a lot of folks I know; when he was younger he could throw a Frisbee for hours. He told me how he’d be outside throwing with a friend and when his friend would leave to go home, he’d just find another friend and keep playing all day until it was dark. He could throw side arm, upside-down, back hand. He could catch it between his legs or behind his back. He used to love Frisbee. So after handing him a putter (OG Wizard) and a driver (Pro Leopard) I showed him the difference in their size, and how they flew. I explained the basic grips and how you need a bit more leverage and power with disc golf as opposed to with traditional lids or Frisbees.

It was interesting to see the gears turn in his head. He clearly wanted to wax on about how good he used to be, and tell me how much fun he would have- but he also could see that I took the game pretty serious. Between the number of discs I had just carried through the airport, and the high-quality construction of my bag (Grip Equipment), it was clear that disc golf wasn’t a passing phase with me. I found it interesting talking with him, as he slowly asked more and more questions about it, and let them sink in. “Wait, …so you throw these how far?” and “What do you throw them at?” Until finally he asked “Where’s the closest course?”

When we got to my house, I gave him a cash tip and started looking in my bag… there weren’t any discs I was immediately willing to part with… so I told him to wait a second. I ran back inside, grabbed a couple discs from my “up for grabs” bin (a DX Leopard and DX Aviar) and gave them to him. I thought, it’d be a good thing to give him a couple discs, even if he never uses them. Maybe he’ll make it out to the course and realize he likes it. Even if he doesn’t, maybe his neice or nephew will see the discs and insist they get to try them. Either way, it’s funny how disc golf remains a secret to so many people- I’m just happy to spread the word a little.

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