My Personal “2011 Memorial” Tangerine Buzzz SS Saga

The top Buzzz SS is the original one from last year...

Sometimes you convince yourself a certain particular disc is more amazing than it is. I wrote a short piece on my favorite Buzzz SS a month or so ago- it’s a tangerine colored disc that I bought when last year’s 2011 Memorial was approaching. At the time, I think I just saw the generic ad for the chance to buy the recently released Buzzz SS (recent last year that is) and I figured, “Why not?”

I got the disc, and I expected it to turn over with ease, and it wouldn’t. I would throw it back hand and it would never flip. It wasn’t “Drone” over-stable, but it was more stable than my buzzz’s, and this threw me for a loop. I remembered reading that it was supposed to be like a “seasoned Buzzz.” Where was the seasoning? Should I be adding salt and pepper?

So, to fast forward this riveting story- I finally started just throwing the disc full power and seeing what it could do- and I was throwing it on straight lines all the way to the pin. Wind or no wind, it was dependable, stable, and durable. Great! So I bought another one- and tested it out: only to find that it turned over. Just like Discraft had said- it was a seasoned Buzzz. The next one I got was the same flippy disc; so I concluded that my particular tangerine colored, tournament stamped Memorial version- “was a fluke.”

I searched on ebay for that particular stamp and run: none. I e-mailed the local seller in Arizona about the discs- he didn’t have any more. So there it was, I had a one of a kind disc that’s value was 100% personal. It wasn’t like people were filling up the disc golf forums with chatter of “EXTRA STABLE BUZZZ SS” midrange discs. I had come to grips with the fact that I couldn’t replace it, and I was “at peace with myself.” …or something.

Until I perused the isle at Marshall Street Disc Golf shop… I noticed their factory second section had a stack of Buzzz SS’s… Cool. So I flipped through them; the same way you flip through records in a used-record shop, half expecting to find a super rare Lee Hazelwood album in there somewhere… but better than a Lee Hazelwood album, I saw two tournament stamped, 2011 Memorial Championships Buzzz SS discs. One of which was the same tangerine color, same weight, same domey top.

I don’t know how it flies yet. I’m just an optimist at this point. If it turns out to be flippy, I’ll never admit it. If I admitted that, it’d nullify this whole romantic story of a boy and his stable Buzzz SS. It’s gotta be stable. It’s the same color. Same weight. Same stamp- has to be the same run. It was a factory second because of the stamp quality- which just made it cheaper for me in the long run. So I got a bargain, I bought it locally, I caught lightning in a bottle, and we all lived happily ever after!

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