Amesbury Pines- Safe and Sound

Ok, so we’ve already written about Amesbury Pines on DGSquared. Sue me. However, recently there was the strong possibility of the course being impacted (in a bad way) by some park renovation/improvement plans. This entire event helped bring into perspective the history of the disc golf course and how much the park itself has benefited from having a disc golf course.

The long and short- there is a big project with significant funding that is going to overhaul, update, and improve the overall park. They have websites and a Facebook page and seem to be gaining steam- good! The residents of Amesbury deserve the best, including their parks. But there was a curve-ball in the improvement design- they wanted to add a second basketball court. There was some separate funding dedicated to a new court, and some other strange reasons that were basically adding up to a “push” to get the ground broken on the extra court. There is already a basketball court at the park, but the second one was seemingly being installed regardless of the major impact on the last 4 holes of the disc golf course. It would’ve essentially eliminated holes 16, 17 and 18. ANYWAY, in the end, the proposed location of the court was too close to the pond- which is deemed wetlands, and was scratched at the last second at a town meeting. It now appears as though the whole idea of a second basketball court has been scrapped.

As a disclaimer, I’m not a resident of Amesbury- so I’m not an authority on the matter, and some of my information has been filtered through other folks. Regardless, it was a frightening prospect to hear of possible impact on one of my favorite courses.

The crew of course regulars call themselves “Discs Over Amesbury,” or “DOA.” Local resident of Amesbury, Dan Oullette has long been seen as the leader of the course and of DOA. He was at the center of a flourishing local scene a few years back, and as of late- this scene seems to be on the rise yet again. As the prospect of the course being impacted loomed over us, Dan called a meeting to all those interested in support- and this “get-together” sparked a re-grouping for anyone enthusiastic enough to show up. He shared how things had developed in the past, how the scene had once flourished, and urged for people to step up and carry the torch. A Friend of Dan, and fellow Amesbury resident, AC Heyward is aiming to head up the 2012 Amesbury Pines League night on Tuesdays.

Essentially, I appreciated this chance to revitalize my connection to the course. At the risk of sounding cheesy, this was a time to take adversity and turn it into a positive thing: turning lemons into lemonade. Moving forward, there is now a more organized group of people, even if the initial numbers are small to start, it feels like Discs Over Amesbury is gearing up for an impact year in 2012. So if you haven’t played Amesbury Pines, come on out and check it out. Also, keep an eye out on the NEFA Tournament page for registration for the Amesbury Pines Open being held Saturday May 5th.

As a quick addendum- AC was mentioned in a local newspaper article regarding the basketball courts! Here’s the Article!

One response to “Amesbury Pines- Safe and Sound

  1. I play this course at lunch almost every day. I can guarantee that the DG course is utilized more than the single basketball court they currently have. Just sayin’… One other point to mention is the incredible amount of trash that is dropped in this park. I often see disc golfers, me and my brother in law included, picking up trash in the park while playing a round. We filled two hefty bags worth last time we played.

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