Disc Golf Para Todos! A Spanish Disc Golf Site

Disc Golf Para Todos

Last Sunday, a fellow Facebook user- Manny Bazzani, brought to our attention a great disc golf resource for any Spanish speaking player.  It’s a blogspot website he runs called “Disc Golf Para Todos!” and seems very well detailed and maintained.  Of course, as a disclaimer, I have to say mi espanol es muy malo (hopefully that means bad!).  That doesn’t mean that I won’t store this one in the back of my brain for a rainy day, and recommend this site to any primarily Spanish speaking fellow disc golfers that I come across.  As the game grows each day, I’m continually amazed at the dedication that disc golfers display in their own unique ways to share disc golf with anyone who’ll listen!  Give this site a look and don’t forget to recommend it to any fellow Spanish speaking DG’ers!

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