Deep in the Game Helps out the Head Cases!


Jussi Meresmaa- the disc golfer from Finland is also the founder of Discmania! (something I didn’t even know until I saw this video!)

The Discmania video series changes gears slightly, as “Deep in the Game” highlights the wisdom of Jussi Meresmaa in Episode 4. He coaches the listener through what it takes to have a solid mental disc golf game. It’s often been said that the hardest green in golf is the one between your ears (and then you’re supposed to point at your head and give that look that says ‘I’m so smart and you’d better listen to me’). In any case, it’s another good video worth watching, and eventually worth coming back to when you think your mental game is slipping.

Jussi looks at disc golf in a clear and concise way, and this is important as he tries to enlighten the viewer to very intricate and subtle parts of the game. At one point he urges us to “build our tournament day from the practice field.” We’ve all heard about having to warm up before a match, but to look at it like we are “building” our day is very helpful. It gives us an intentional direction to travel in our warm ups, and when we are finished we’ve not only warmed up our body, but our mental game is prepared as well- because we just literally “built” our drive and gave ourselves confidence in it. It certainly beats just running over to a field and chucking 20 drives and 20 putts.

Every two weeks we’ve seen a new video come out from Discmania with either Avery Jenkins or Jussi Meresmaa (or both). There’s still one video that hasn’t been released (due out June 11th) featuring maximum distance. Even when June 11th has come and gone, this video series is bound to be revisited by tons of people every season- looking to sure up their game. Check this latest video out if you want to see how Jussi approaches his mental game.

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