Grip Gripes- Can I Actually Come Up with Legit Complaints About my Grip EQ?

This is my Grip EQ Tour Bag with the VSVN team challenge patch, with Pye Brook Basket #16 in the background… oh, and that’s a Buell.

While I do love my Grip EQ Tour bag, and wouldn’t trade it for any other bag on the market, I feel that it’s time to be realistic and walk through a couple key complaints that I’ve encountered. After all, it’s a $200 dollar investment, and even at that price, it’s not a perfect bag.

The first and most common complaint is the size. I only feel comfortable putting 18 discs into the bottom compartment, and 2 putters in the top pocket. I’ve seen players often put 3 putters in the top pocket as well as one in the flap of the main compartment’s opening- but this causes my discs to tweak and warp and I can’t have that. Some folks jam up to 20 discs in the lower section, but it becomes impossible to take them out.  On that note, I don’t like how I have to bend the discs on the ends to remove and replace them in the main section. It makes sense that the culprit is the pocket shape, and it helps keep the discs from falling out when the bag tips; so in that respect I can put up with it. I tend to keep the discs that I don’t throw as often on the ends. If there were a solution to that problem, I’d definitely like to see it!

Next up is another two sided argument. Yes, the bag has a new, compact shape- which makes it comfortable and easy to carry. However, this new shape leaves you searching for ways to carry both a stool AND an umbrella. The stool can be attached by it’s strap to the side loops of the bag and it travels rather well. Each time I place my bag on the ground, the stool is already in a semi-upright position. All I need to do to sit down is straighten it out and take a load off. If you want to carry an umbrella however, it needs to be a compact version that can be hung/hooked onto the other side of the bag (opposite your stool if you’re carrying one). I have a full sized sports umbrella, which is durable, and great in the rain, but there is nowhere to put it on the Grip. I have to carry it, which sucks. On my older traditional square bag, I could just strap it right across the top corner. The only place on the Grip which could hold the umbrella in the horizontal position is on the bottom, and that would obviously affect the stability when you place it on the ground.  They are mini pockets on the bottom of each side, which I have been told are designed to hold an umbrella, with the side loops holding it tight to the bag; but this has been nothing but awkward for me, as the straps aren’t enough to really secure the umbrella to the bag.  They need to add multiple velcro straps to hold it tight. To further add to my frustration, when you put the rain fly on the bag, your hanging stool and/or umbrella must be removed and carried. The umbrella would be in use at this point (Naturally! It’s raining!), but the stool becomes cumbersome. In the end, my solution will be to buy a smaller umbrella, and probably not carry a stool when rain is imminent.

This is honestly all I can come up with for complaints. It’s so durable and straight forward that that bag rarely even enters my mind while I’m playing a round. I simply carry it around, throw my discs, and go home. In terms of the stroke to stroke use of the bag, it performs great. It sits on the ground well, it’s easy to reach the putters (on the ground or on your back), and it’s more comfortable than most other bags. My complaints stem from tournament rounds where I need more equipment. I’ve considered making my own harness arraignment on the sides of the bag, and still may do this, to carry the umbrella and stool. I’ve heard complaints from other people as well, but most of them came from people who didn’t own a Grip in the first place. They have yet to convince me that their bag is better.  I will agree that the increase in price for the special color Grip EQ’s is a bit ridiculous- it’s just a color, it’s not worth $80 dollars (the Signature lines for Doss and Jenkins are a different story as they are sponsored players). The only other bag that I’ve seen and appreciated is the Mystery Ranch Mahal. I like how it’s fully adjustable and seems to carry a ton. However, at the same time, the monstrous size of the belt strap thing and side pockets are way too reminiscent of a 4-day hike than a round of disc golf. If the solution to the complaints that I’ve come up with is the creation of a bag that looks more like the Mystery Ranch Mahal… I’ll stick with the Grip. Sorry Ocho.

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