Grip EQ Special Edition Tour Bag Review featuring Paige Pierce at DGSquared

The Clay/Coal bag next to the Black/Black bag out at Top O' the Hill DG Course in Canterbury, NH

The Clay/Coal bag next to the Black/Black bag out at Top O’ the Hill DG Course in Canterbury, NH

For many casual disc golfers, including myself, as well as a growing number of pro’s, it’s been over a year of carrying discs with the Grip EQ Tour Bag. The original design has proven itself as durable and legitimate; and Grip’s reputation is centered around that. The growth of the company on the disc golf scene is pretty obvious, but where they go from here is interesting.

Stay with me for a moment, as this may sound bizarre- but for Grip EQ to come out with a “home-run” on their first try is a lot like a band going platinum on their debut album with a timeless effort. Everyone buys a copy, listens to it for the rest of their lives, but what does their SECOND album turn into??? Where is Grip EQ headed from here? One clue is offered up on their website, when looking at their selection of bags.

Have they come out with four to five different models for a plethora of disc golf needs? Nope. They have however, released their tried and true Tour Bag in a variety of color schemes, through their Signature versions, and Special Edition versions. I’ll save my own personal observations of the “Clay/Coal” Limited Edition bag for the end, because we were lucky enough to catch up with the 2011 World Champion Paige Pierce, and ask her about which Limited Edition bag she carries, and how she’s liked it over the past season.

Which version of the Limited Edition Tour Bags do you carry?

Special Edition carried by Paige Pierce (Image from GripEQ website)

Special Edition carried by Paige Pierce (Image from GripEQ website)

I have the coal/black one.

Have you had to switch bags yet to due to wear and tear?

I have switched bags once and that was to get this color not because of the wear.

Which features are most valuable to you on the Grip EQ during a casual round?

The best features for practice rounds are the comfortable straps. When practicing I do not have a caddy and I do not mind carrying it at all.

Which features are most valuable to you on the Grip EQ during an important tournament round?

During tournament play I love the rain guard in case of a sudden shower, [it] keeps the discs dry and that is super important.

How many discs do you carry total? How many in the main compartment? The putter pocket? The flap pocket?

I carry 20 [total]. 3 in the putter pocket, none in the flap, and 17 in the main compartment. There is room for about 3 to 4 more in the main part, but I like to leave space for a jacket and towels in there.

How do you think the Grip EQ could improve?

I believe they could come out with a few different sizes, which will be coming in the future, but other than that I do not see much of anything I would change. If anyone does have something they would like to see changed they could contact the Grip customer service representative and they would be more than happy to hear you out. They want to make what the people want, so they are open for suggestions!

Taking a closer look at the Special Edition bag, I got my hands on the Clay/Coal version to compare with the Black/Black version. These bags are the exact same design as the less expensive Black/Black and Black/Grey standard versions, so the differences aren’t mind blowing (they’re not meant to be!). When you boil it down, the Special Edition and Signature Edition bags are the cream of the crop. They’re all hand-made in the US, and the color schemes are appealing and unique. At the risk of sounding like a sales pitch, the pictures really don’t do the Clay/Coal bag justice. When you’re holding this bag in front of you, the orange color is perfect- and all the stitching “pops” nicely. I couldn’t find a flaw in the stitching on the Clay/Coal bag, but I admit, in contrast- I still can’t find a flaw in the stitching on my Black/Black version. So, as the consumer, you’re left with the question, is spending the extra cash ($60.00 more for Special, $100.00 for Signature) worth getting the color/version you’d prefer? On one hand, YES. You will carry this bag around for hundreds of rounds every year (right???), so why not make sure it looks great? Also, if you purchase the Signature Version; you’re helping one of your favorite professionals STAY a professional disc golfer. On the other hand, if you carry something around hundreds of times, it is bound to get dirty. In that respect, the best color scheme is Black/Black because the dirt is hidden well.

In the end, I find it telling that Grip EQ hasn’t expanded their product line yet. While some of their competition has just released a more expensive, bigger back-pack style bag (Prodiscus), as well as a smaller, more athletic version (Upper Park Designs)- they both copy the key design elements of the original Grip EQ tour bag. The consumer (you and me) still has the real ultimate power ( to decide which bag will be supreme, so only time will tell. My guess is that Grip will release a new model only when it’s been fully tested and deemed reliable. Until then, (turn up the sarcastic meter folks!)- I guess we’re stuck with the regular ol’ Special Edition, Limited Edition Grip EQ Tour bag…

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