Disc Golf Chains Ring Tone

img_06051.jpgHere’s my new disc golf ring tone for my iPhone!  I’m including a link to the audio file, and some very crude directions on how to get it on your iphone- for any “real” help, I’d just do a google search!

This is by no means a tech-helpdesk-article… but, for those interested, I just created a ringtone for my iPhone 4s.  I created this .m4a file (available for free download at the link above) and changed the file type (by re-typing the last three letters once downloaded) to .m4r – I then opened iTunes, selected “Add to Library” and chose the new .m4r file.  Once it’s imported into iTunes it will be added to your “Tones” section (if you didn’t have a “Tones” section, iTunes will automatically create it).  Next time you sync your iPhone, just click the menu for Tones, and select “Sync.”

…like I said, I’m no tech-wizard, but I got it to work just by google searching it a few times.  So go ahead and download this file if you like it-  or if you have a better one, send the link along!

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