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Latitude 64’s World’s Disc, “The Bolt”- By: Harry Hyzer

Latitude 64 has pre-released their latest disc, named the “Bolt” in gold-line plastic for a World’s fund raiser disc. At this point in late August, they’re starting to sell out, but will eventually be released in both plastics (Opto and … Continue reading


Can Anthon Take the Vibram Open? By: Discy Magee

As summer winds down, most mortal humans lament the season’s passing. There is a noticeable lack of sunlight in the evenings, and as a disc golfer you start to feel panic. Yet this year the first weekend in September brings … Continue reading


Fantasy Golf By: Jaxon Sheehy

After a long weekend a couple months ago, I went back to work Monday morning, and the first thing my boss asked me was “How was your fantasy golf?” No doubt mixing up “Fantasy Football” (which I don’t play) and … Continue reading