Latitude 64’s World’s Disc, “The Bolt”- By: Harry Hyzer

Latitude 64 has pre-released their latest disc, named the “Bolt” in gold-line plastic for a World’s fund raiser disc. At this point in late August, they’re starting to sell out, but will eventually be released in both plastics (Opto and Gold) en mass (I assume this at least). The Bolt is a high speed, low stability distance driver that seems to offer a way for newer, slower arms to gain distance. This is exactly why I stayed away in the beginning- why would I want to brand myself out on the course as someone who needs a disc for “SLOWER ARMS?”

It’s a bit of a machismo thing I suppose, to avoid a disc for fear of looking like a rookie, but when you are worried about looking like a rookie: you’re still a rookie. In reality, if you like trying new things, disc golf is a great hobby because they come out with over a dozen new molds of discs every year.

The Bolt is just plain fast. If you go out to a field with a flippy Road Runner and throw a HARD and level drive, you’ll turn it over and nose dive into the ground at about 100 feet. With the Bolt, you won’t nose-dive until at least twice that distance, assuming that you even can turn it over. As under-stable as it is, it’s only under-stable when you get it up to max speed. In other words, it still flips, but it takes even more power, and will cover more distance with the added speed. This brings the disc farther from your hand at the point of turn-over, and you can use it to add distance and avoid areas of OB, not simply throw an anhyzer around a tree.

If your game’s already developed to the point where you throw long, controlled, turn-overs on a regular basis, you may not have a need for a Bolt. But if you’re like me, a 2 to 4 year player who’s always looking for a new “shot” for his arsenal- the Bolt can add that shot. In reality, we could all use a lesson in keeping things simple, and carrying fewer molds- but with a disc as shiny and sparkly as the Bolt- promising to add a new element to your game, it’s hard to resist.

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