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Pre-Round Rituals: Nate Doss’ Taped Finger

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It’s probably one of the most asked questions for professional disc golfers: What’s your pre-round ritual? Everyone wants a glimpse of how these players get their minds and their bodies prepared for an excellent round of golf. I forget when … Continue reading


The Matt Orum Shoulder-High Reach Back… Technique…

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Matt Orum’s pretty good right? Yeah, and according to this Innova Bio page, it looks like he’s stuck in the past… I assume this isn’t the case, but Innova could probably update his distance drivers and add something besides the … Continue reading


“80% Power” By: Harry Hyzer

As disc golfers, we all know about the 80% power rule. Instead of throwing our drives with 100% power, if we dial it down 20% and concentrate on the accuracy and form, we’ll typically have lower scores. It makes logical … Continue reading


“Stand and Deliver” By: Donnie Disc-o

Stand and deliver. Wasn’t that a movie? Pretty sure it was. It’s also how you go to the bathroom in foreign countries- walk into the public restrooms and you’ll find a hole in the ground… stand and deliver. Yep. …it … Continue reading


Anchors Away! (Don’t let your back leg hold you back) By: Discy Magee

Giving advice during a disc golf round is a touchy subject. Some folks want so badly to improve their game, yet when you suggest something, whether it’s a disc choice, or a weird quirk to fix in their form- they … Continue reading