The Matt Orum Shoulder-High Reach Back… Technique…

Here's Matt Orum Keeping the Disc Shoulder-High before a reach back-

Matt Orum’s pretty good right? Yeah, and according to this Innova Bio page, it looks like he’s stuck in the past… I assume this isn’t the case, but Innova could probably update his distance drivers and add something besides the “Orc” right? Lately I’ve been trying to imitate his throw a bit when I throw drives. There’s something about the way that he keeps the disc up around his shoulders and chest that has helped me with consistency (check out this clip here to see him throw). I find that it doesn’t take power or distance away, but it gives me more control over my reach back. You could focus on a thousand different aspects of a disc golf drive, and most likely add some distance or improvement with each one. Yet at the same time, the key is to develop a routine, keeping good form to your muscle memory- which you can’t really do if you’re thinking about every little thing. There’s footwork, reach-back, arm angle, wrist angle, grip, follow through and this isn’t even getting into disc selection…

If my footwork is on point, usually all I need is a good reach-back for me to throw my max distance. When I do the “Matt-Orum-Shoulder-High-Reach-Back” things fall into place much easier. I can keep my eyes on the target longer, as well as remember my wrist angle without putting any OAT (off angle torque- see this video for a great explanation of OAT) on my throw. It’s only been a couple weeks that I’ve been trying things this way, but I’m thinking this one might stick.

So here’s to you Matt Orum. Way to throw!


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