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NASA vs. Borderland- An Epic Battle of Biblical Proportions

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Team Borderland traveled to Pye Brook Park and then to Amesbury Pines this weekend to take on Team NASA (North And South Shore Alliance) on their home turf. Looking at this match from afar, one would guess NASA could have … Continue reading


“The Vibram Ascent- Disc Review” By: Jaxon Sheehy

What is the Vibram Ascent all about? Honestly I haven’t decided yet. It is described as a stable fairway driver. To me, this translates as, “YOU WILL NOT THROW THIS VERY FAR, AND YOU WILL NOT TURN IT OVER.” Am … Continue reading


To Nikko or Not to Nikko

St. Louis native Nikko Locastro is a polarizing figure in the disc golf world. At least this is how I’ve come to see it. He carries a reputation of a hot-headed, young, skilled player and this rubs some people the … Continue reading


“The Toll-House Disc Golf Tournament” By: Jaxon Sheehy

After playing my third or fourth tournament ever, I realized that tournament disc golf is NOTHING like recreational disc golf. It is literally a different sport. There may be the same rules, and the same objectives, but the experience as … Continue reading


Anchors Away! (Don’t let your back leg hold you back) By: Discy Magee

Giving advice during a disc golf round is a touchy subject. Some folks want so badly to improve their game, yet when you suggest something, whether it’s a disc choice, or a weird quirk to fix in their form- they … Continue reading


“Everyone Has a Home Course- Pye Brook Park; Topsfield, MA

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Every disc golfer has a home course where they learned the game. In the very beginning, it’s where you learned to keep the disc level, and throw straight (some still haven’t learned that lesson!). It’s where your first impression of … Continue reading


“Bags- WTF?” By: Harry Hyzer

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So when you play disc golf you need to carry your discs, right? Right. Well, what better way than to carry them in a bag?!? OK, so it’s not that simple is it? We’ve all seen them, the chosen few … Continue reading