“The Vibram Ascent- Disc Review” By: Jaxon Sheehy

What is the Vibram Ascent all about? Honestly I haven’t decided yet. It is described as a stable fairway driver. To me, this translates as, “YOU WILL NOT THROW THIS VERY FAR, AND YOU WILL NOT TURN IT OVER.” Am I too pessimistic?

The majority of the time I use it is in the woods, because the durability of their plastic is second to none. Confidence is key in my game (as it is in most people’s) and when I remove the variable of wondering “Will my disc ever be the same if I slam it into that tree guarding the fairway?” I tend to shoot much better. We all have a few discs that we cherish and wouldn’t want to throw full tilt into a rock or a tree- and the Vibram line is on the opposite side of the spectrum, as it can withstand almost anything.

All this durability aside though, the flight isn’t bad. I wish I could say it was impressive, but it’s not like the first time you throw a Teebird, or get ahold of a Destroyer. However, I have been impressed with the stability factor. If you’re not throwing them hard, they’ll fade to the ground quick. But if you put some big snap on it, the majority of them will hold a solid line and then eventually fade. I just got my third Ascent today, and it’s made from the X-link Firm blend of rubber, or plastic- and it has a great feel. On the first couple throws, this disc seems less stable, holding a line longer before fade.

It comes down to the quality factor for me. The Ascent is made from premium materials, and that instills a confidence that keeps it in my bag. I was left feeling completely disappointed the first time I got a DX plastic disc to do what I wanted, because it only lasted about a week. Why would I return to that? With the Vibram Ascent, I’m not trying to throw them a mile, but I easily depend on them to fly 300+ feet with some umph. Unfortunately when it comes down to it, the boring description that Vibram offers- really is accurate. It’s a stable fairway driver. It doesn’t go that far, but it’s reliable. Does that sound sexy? Nope. But not every hole is sexy either… Yikes, I think I’ll end it here.

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