NASA vs. Borderland- An Epic Battle of Biblical Proportions

Mucci, Ocho and Ouellet wait for a family to cross at Hole 12

Team Borderland traveled to Pye Brook Park and then to Amesbury Pines this weekend to take on Team NASA (North And South Shore Alliance) on their home turf. Looking at this match from afar, one would guess NASA could have the edge at Pye Brook with November’s weather and wind. With many of NASA’s players living a stone’s throw from Pye, they’re well equipped to handle the wind and make the necessary adjustments- especially in match play when a quality drive is everything. However, the weather wasn’t a factor, with just 10mph winds and sunny 60 degree temperatures Lady Pye played nice. On the other hand, with Borderland obviously used to playing in the trees- it seemed safe to assume they would play well at Amesbury Pines. Well, in hindsight, it was a reverse lock. Borderland edged out NASA at Pye Brook Park, and NASA dominated Borderland up at Amesbury Pines.

Four of the matches in the morning went 18 holes (out of 19), and three others went the distance of a full 19 holes. This seems to be the work of the team captains, (J.D. and Matt) each being familiar with the competition and matching up their players well. Team NASA had a significant number of roster moves that proved pivotal. Jason “Wolf” Powers was available only for the AM match, but he took care of business and won before having to leave. Marielle Mallar came away with a victory at Pye as well but did not play in the Amesbury doubles round (captain’s decision). Newcomer Jaxon Sheehy only played in the morning as well (captain’s decision), but wasn’t able to come away with a victory after 18 holes against Borderland’s Sandy Redd.

The roster decisions in the afternoon round hinged upon the arrival of one of NASA’s top players, Daniel Marcus. In addition to Daniel, Amesbury Pine’s own course director, singles course record holder (-12 down) and NASA team member, Dan Ouellet was available. Due to the lesser numbers on the Borderland roster, it boiled down to sitting three NASA players for the doubles round (Mucciarone, Mallar and Sheehy) and subbing in two (Marcus and Ouellet). This move worked out perfectly as 6 of the 7 NASA doubles teams won their matches. Both Marcus and Ouellet were on winning teams for doubles. NASA took the overall victory for the day with a score of 18 to 10. It was a great way to bounce back from a defeat last month against Wick.

Notes on the day: The doubles team of Drew Smith and Matt Thomas threw a 39 on a par 54 at Amesbury Pines. This was the tougher non-winter layout that plays the alternate holes. Bill Stewart aced Hole 1 at Pye Brook, but much to his chagrin, he was not playing with any members of the $50 club (no fiddy!).

Check out some pictures below of some of the NASA players at the Amesbury Pines doubles round.

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