Only a few days separate disc golfers in Eastern Mass from a pair of the best tournaments all season! Saturday, May 5th is the APO (Amesbury Pines Open) in Amesbury and the following day Sunday, May 6th is the EMC (Eastern Massachusetts Championships) at Pye Brook Park in Topsfield, MA.

Starting the weekend off right, the sold-out APO has got good music and great prizes. The pines of Amesbury will be packed with groups of 5 players per hole, and the discs will be flying. The signature bag-piper is booked, and the gazebo will house a PA system blaring music compiled from the month’s requests. The winners in most divisions get a “Green Jacket.” There is also promise of some very unique trophies, but everyone knows that the Green Jackets are the coveted prize. For the plastic addicts, Justin Anderson is bringing his mobile Community Discs disc golf shop along. This looks like the kind of tournament where playing well might be the goal, but those left playing “not so well” will still have a great time!

Just 24 hours after the APO, players are given the chance to air out their distance drivers at the EMC. Hosted at Pye Brook Park, which has only three fully-wooded holes, the birdies are there for the taking. Yet, even though it seems like the course records are up for grabs at Pye during the EMC, trying to predict a winner is next to impossible considering all the great players registered for this year’s tournament. TD, Bill “Stew” Stewart has some great looking tournament discs ordered from Innova using the latest interpretation of the mascot of “Lady Pye.” Adding to that, Stew has encouraged players to bring their best pie, staying with the theme of “getting a piece of the Pye.” With these pies and also lunch provided for all players, no one will be left hungry! There is bound to be a “Ring of Fire” game held between rounds, and we’ve heard talk of a whole ton of great CTP prizes and discs. Again, this is shaping up to be the kind of tournament where everyone, at the very least, has a great time.

The pair of tournaments offer NEFA points for those participating in the NEFA points series, but in addition to that- the two tournaments make up “May Madness” as the TD’s will simply take the best combined score of players who play both, and the weekend’s winner is crowned with a trophy and a prize. It can be any division too, and I for one can spy a handful of AM-1 players who could take this one away from the Pro-Open players!

Bring it on May Madness- the APO and the EMC FTW!!!

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