“The Craziest Disc Ever Made”

The Sasquatch of discs... the CE Buzzz

If you’re a plastic junky like I am, and you’ve searched for “disc golf” on eBay and arranged the search results by price (highest price first); then you’ve seen the price gouging people do for the rarest of discs. Some of it is simply posted to allow others to sell their items for more (if there’s a new rare first run Valk for $400, someone might be more willing to buy the ‘cheaper’ one at $150). This whole scene can get absurd, and people quickly lose sight of the actual GAME of disc golf. That being said, we’re not trying to open a can of worms, or insult disc collectors- we’re just taking a closer look at ONE of the most important discs ever manufactured.

To date, the two biggest disc manufacturers are Discraft and Innova. They each have their own all star line ups of great sponsored players, as well as their own unique disc molds. Discraft and Innova are the “Pepsi and Coke” of disc golf. They are large companies (in comparison to other disc golf companies) and they are competitors. Everyone knows about Innova’s run of CE, or “Champion Edition” plastic. There was a period of time where they sold these CE discs and they were an amazing blend of grippy, durable, and reliable. They no longer produce them because of a few reasons (different plastic suppliers, different manufacturing process- i.e. not hand cut flashing…), and because of this they are considered rare and desirable. Discraft on the other hand, released a midrange disc called the “Buzzz.” While this disc is touted by thousands of players as the best and most versatile disc ever made, it still has it’s own unique history. The different production runs of the Buzzz were distinct in their flight patterns and reliability. Many players rave about the first runs, and still many more players are constantly searching for what is called a “Second First Run Buzzz.” These are typically a little softer in feel, have the word “WASP” on the inside of the rim, and are a bit opaque. All the characteristics are just clues for the end user to realize that they have a sweet disc in their hands that will hold any line they put it on; and be the envy of all their friends.

The dirty secret in of all this? Well, there was a day back in the mid 90’s when Innova and Discraft met in the back of a dark, empty parking garage. They each brought a briefcase full of technical documents detailing their manufacturing process; big time classified information. They exchanged papers under a flickering bulb, as their armed bodyguards eyed each other… ...a plan was hatched from that day to produce one disc: the end all of disc golf discs. A reliable, beautiful, durable, grippy work of art that would be priceless. This disc wasn’t being made for eBay, so some jackass could ask for $499.99 to “BUY IT NOW!”- no, it was being made to throw. What was the result of this meeting of the minds? A CE Buzzz. Yep. It’s a one of a kind disc, and it will remain in the private collection of a New England based disc golfer for years and years. It WILL be thrown, for that was it’s intended purpose. It might even be thrown into a pond or two- but the good karma behind it, as well as it’s magical powers, will always reunite it with it’s rightful owner. It’s the craziest disc ever made.

5 responses to ““The Craziest Disc Ever Made”

  1. this is fake!!!!!
    It’s a Glo Buzzz with the stamp removed!

  2. There is no faking the magical powers of this beauty.

  3. Its fake, I researched these things years ago.

  4. I have to give you props man. I used your design to dye a buzzz and posted it on facebook. Imitation is the highest for of flattery. Cool design and sweet disc.

    • Ha! Yeah it’s all good! I was pumped to see it on my Facebook feed- tagging Shoestring was a good idea! I can e-mail you or anyone the jpeg of the original graphic if ya need it! that spin dye is excellent though- looks like blood!

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