“Deep in the Game” with Avery Jenkins and Discmania are at it Again!

Avery Jenkins explains disc and arm angles in Episode 2 of “Deep in the Game”

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re already familiar with Avery Jenkins and the video series with Discmania “Deep in the Game.” This is a testament to the quality of the videos, and to the connectedness of the disc golf scene- because it’s only been a few weeks and they’ve only released 3 videos! In the second video, Avery went through the specific parts of a backhand drive. Again we saw him plow right through all the important tips. He’s not “talking too fast,” but he’s also not dwelling on the same point for ten minutes. This lets us, the viewer, rewind and review as we see fit. My personal favorite part of this second episode is the dissection of the 3 angles of a backhand drive: 1.) The nose angle 2.) The angle of release and 3.) The angle of height. All three are different and are to be manipulated for different reasons and results. Here’s the link to the video for episode #2– or to make it easier, just go to Discmania’s page for the video series and bookmark it- they have the release dates labeled for each upcoming video.

Episode #3 was just released yesterday, featuring the sidearm throw- something that Jenkins is known for having in his bag of tricks that has been an effective part of his game for years. Be sure to check this one out as well!

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