Pro Disc Golf Payouts and their Relation to Major Disc Manufacturers

This is the stuff that DG pros need to travel and play the top tourneys.

This article written by Steve Dodge (Vibram Disc golf) has been making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter for the past month or two.  Many of the top pros (as in the VERY top!) have shared it and voiced their support.  I won’t insult you by repeating it all, but it seems like sharing it again couldn’t hurt.

I’ve often read over the Facebook threads of Paul McBeth and Paul Ulibarri (two of the best active users to ‘friend’ on Facebook) and wished I had a valuable opinion and a good suggestion in regards to the pro circuit, NT schedule, and payout method of A-tiers.  I understand their gripes, and agree with their complaints.  Most importantly, I’m a fanatic of the sport.

I know I’m not alone when I say that I’m a fan of the sport.  I can name the top 10-20 disc golfers (not in order!), their strengths and weaknesses and what makes them noticeable.  Feldberg’s OCD shoulder tap on his putts, Anthon’s run up, Doss’s one-legged putt… the list goes on.  But that being said, the best players don’t always play the best tournaments every year.  Politics and sponsorships aside, the sport of disc golf deserves to be genuinely and accurately BATTLED over for the top spots.  The best players need the opportunity to support themselves, improve their game, and make a living.  According to this article by Steve Dodge, the money is there!  So check this piece out, it’s well written and worth the time.

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