Creating an animated .gif for Disc Golf

“I BIRDIED EVERYTHING ELSE!” disc golf .gif! Gregg Barsby doing his Iron Leaf impersonation of Ken Climo.

It’s not exactly rocket-science to create an animated .gif file.  But since the lifespan of a .gif is about .003 milliseconds, why bother?  Well, disc golfers have long since been yearning for a decent .gif to share with eachother, or better yet: to shove in eachother’s faces on message boards…

That being said, this little guy is hopefully the beginning.  It took about 45 minutes.  Included in that was flipping over a Tom Waits record, cleaning up some cat puke, and eating some potatoes.  One frame at a time, I cut and paste my way to copying and pasting part of a YouTube video that has already been enjoyed by thousands (not to mention the dude who printed up discs based on it and sold them on ebay!)- Who knows how many copyright laws have been broken?  What matters is how many lives have been touched.

Just google search “how to create an animated .gif” and make yer own… or wait patiently for someone to make another one that will perfectly fit the scenario you envision encountering on a message board in the next week or two.


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